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Learn how to become more conscious within all of your relationships. Most of us are reacting from our conditioned past, from our sub-conscious, triggered by our “Lizard Mind” most of the time. But there’s a common misunderstanding about how the mind actually works. It affects what you think, how you feel and how you create your moment-to-moment reality. By clearing up this misunderstanding, you’ll be less reactive to your conditioned thinking, able to create your life more consciously and have deeper, more “real” connections with the important people in your life.
Discover how to access your “inner guru”. You’ll relax more, stress less and find your own answers to life’s future challenges.
With this knowledge, you always have the option of hitting the “reset” button to transform your experience of life spontaneously.
“A problem shared is a problem halved.” Off-load unhelpful emotions. You’ll think more clearly and be more stable at work or at home with your family.
Overcome isolation, shortage of time, shyness, lack of babysitters.
Make a cuppa, relax in your favourite armchair, get some clarity and figure out your next best step.

Why should you choose Run It Past Me over another counsellor?

Wellbeing, health, joy and creativity are the essence of who you are. You don’t need fixing. You just need to let go of a few misunderstandings.
My job is to help you see that you actually have everything you need to live your life in the most joyful, peaceful, healthy and prosperous way. Our work together is always about clarity, never about dependency.
Facilitating a stronger connection between yourself and your own “inner guru” is my goal. I can help you relax into that space where you simply know in your waters what the next right thing is to do. 
Knowing that you can do what you want to do regardless of your thinking about it, I work from a foundation of lightness and creativity to build your confidence.
Counselling is wonderful for helping you feel better, but with some coaching thrown in, you can wake up to your own creative power and live a more contented, authentic life.
Given my sixteen years as a Lifeline Telephone Counsellor and Graduate Diploma in Counselling, I am now experienced, qualified AND passionate about the amazing potential benefits of counselling and coaching.
So, are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed, or do you just have something you’d like to nut out, but you’d rather not worry your family or friends? Or, are you ready to turn life up a notch? Why not give me a call?

Telephone sessions may suit you because...

You’re pressed for time.
You are isolated.
You need a calm, non-judgemental ear to bounce things off.
You want to be completely anonymous.
You sometimes call helplines but prefer speaking to the same counsellor.
You live in a small town where “people talk”.
You’re on vacation or a business trip.
You need an appointment at a time when you are unable to meet in person.
You prefer after-hours appointments.
You may find it easier to be open and honest if we are not in the same room.
You are physically unable to travel.
You lack the confidence to leave home.
You feel you are often pre-judged by the way you look.
You cannot afford the travel time to and from a counsellor’s office.
You have limited access to a baby-sitter.
Your prefer non-denominational support.
You wish to minimise petrol consumption.

The first 15 minutes are free to see if we're a good match.


This is not a crisis service. If you require urgent assistance, please visit your nearest hospital or call your national crisis support line: Australia: Lifeline – 13 11 14 or ‘000’ ~ USA: 1800 784 2433 or ‘911’

“Clients report online sessions via telephone or Skype are less intimidating than face-to-face sessions and they generally feel more relaxed and in charge of the process. It is surprising how effective telephone and Skype therapy sessions are. Although client and therapist may be thousands of miles apart, they feel like they are in the same room.”

Psychology Today, July 2010



Run It Past Me

You're feeling stuck or overwhelmed. You just need to bounce an issue off someone. You'd prefer not to bother your family or friends. We can brainstorm and uncover the next best step for you.

1 x 60 minute session - $65
1 x 90 minute session - $85

Begin Transformation

Learn how the mind actually works. Disconnect from your habitual, personal thinking and build a stronger, conscious connection between yourself and your own wisdom. You'll live a more contented, creative and authentic life. After three sessions, you should be starting to notice a difference in your moment-to-moment experience of life.

3 x 60 minute sessions - $180

Support and Restore

This common contract provides support through a difficult period, covers one particular issue in depth, or provides a more solid grounding in how the mind actually works (see Begin Transformation).

6 x 60 minute sessions - $350

Prepare/Enrich - Premarital Education and Relationship Enrichment

PREPARE/ENRICH is a customised couple assessment which is completed online and identifies your strengths and growth areas. One of the most widely used programs for premarital education, it is also used for marriage counselling, marriage enrichment and couples who are dating and considering engagement. As a qualified facilitator, I will provide 3 feedback sessions based on your assessment results. During these sessions I will help you discuss and understand your results as well share proven relationship skills.

The program has these goals:

- Explore relationship strengths and growth areas
- Learn ``conscious loving`` skills
- Learn assertiveness and active-listening skills
- Learn how to resolve conflict
- Discuss the influence of your family-of-origin
- Learn to cope better with stressors
- Focus on personal, couple and family goals

Premarital Education Package: Online Questionnaire plus 3 x 60 minute sessions - $180
Additional Single 60 minute sessions - $65

“Sandy responded to my initial email quickly and it was great to then be able to ‘vent’ and have someone to bounce ideas off. She helped clarify my thinking and gave me ways to help make the difficult decision I needed to make. Everything was easier as a result of my talking to Sandy and I am sure that my handling of the situation went better both for myself and the other person involved. I found her approachable and caring with a good dose of common sense and humour thrown in. All in all a very positive experience.”

Anon, QLD

“I was going though an emotional period with a past relationship and needed an understanding ear to listen and maybe help with some advice. Sandy was very patient, listened well and was very empathetic to my emotional state. I felt safe talking to her about my issues and she gave me some helpful, sound advice that helped me make decisions that were right for me. I would highly recommend Sandy to anyone who is looking for a professional counsellor, someone neutral to talk to who can perhaps help you through whatever personal situation you’re going through. Thank you for your time and patience with me Sandy!”



About Sandy

Sandy Loyall

(B.Ed, Grad. Dip. Counselling)

“Hello… and welcome.

A friend once asked a group of dinner-party guests, “If you were in control of the planet for 24 hours, what would you do?” It took all of a nano-second for me to declare that educating every single human about the Three Principles would be my goal, presumably by conducting compulsory, intensive day-long e-learning workshops!

Developing an understanding of the Three Principles has drastically improved my life. Even my sister recently made the comment, “Sandy ~ you’ve changed,  you’re so much calmer!” And that’s how I feel: more relaxed, disengaged from the constant “mental chatter”, spending most of my time in the present moment, letting go of the reins and trusting in the natural flow of life.

This passion of mine, to share the Three Principles understanding and help as many people as possible experience this wonderful inner peace, is underpinned by extensive training and experience in the world of personal transformation. My qualifications include a Graduate Diploma in Counselling which I obtained from the Australian College of Applied Psychology in 2010, and a Bachelor of Education from the Melbourne College of Advanced Education (now Melbourne University) in 1985. Although Run It Past Me is not a crisis service, I have also completed the Mental Health First Aid workshop and ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) and can offer support if you, a family member or friend are having thoughts of suicide.

Work experience-wise, I was employed part-time by Lifeline Northern Rivers as their Mentoring and Support Officer from 2009 until August 2015 and worked as a volunteer Crisis Telephone Counsellor for 16 years.

My background also includes living in the USA as an exchange-student in Minnesota (for 12 months) and as an expatriate in Connecticut (for 4 years).

My coaching and counselling style has also been influenced by a wide variety of psychological disciplines including Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Solution-Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Person-Centred Therapy, Existential Therapy, The Three Principles and Mindfulness which I access intuitively to help you uncover your own answers, your own truth.

I will never directly tell you what to do. Rather, I will offer questions that direct you inward, and support you as you learn to trust your own “inner guru” and the answers you’ll discover, because everyone is unique and you are always the expert in your own life.


“No one can persuade another to change. Each of us guards a gate of change that can only be unlocked from the inside.” Marilyn Ferguson


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Run It Past Me

Services are available in Australia and worldwide from the comfort of your own home or office via Telephone, Skype or Zoom

Face-to-face in Bangalow, NSW, Australia

Mobile service:

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Tel: (0408) 697 367


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Start each week with a small bite of “Three Principles” wisdom (never more than a paragraph) which, over time, will help you explore and clear up the common misunderstanding about how the mind works.

“Sandy was my mentor and counsellor when I separated from my husband. She guided rather than instructed and was a fantastic listener. This was before she studied her counselling degree which she has since acquired. Sandy has a natural ability to help and guide others.”


“My therapeutic journey has covered decades, continents and many counsellors and psychologists in an effort to overcome a most difficult childhood. Sandy was a patient listener and refrained from giving advice which I greatly appreciated.”